Marie Vilain

Games and Interactive Media Producer, Game Production Lecturer

About Me


I'm passionate about wholesome games, juicy playfulness, rich artistic directions and wholehearted narratives.

People usually describe me as cheerful and reliable. I thrive on multitasking and am comfortable with change and experimentation.

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Game Design

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Education and Work History

March 2020 - Present

Game Production Lecturer

Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway

- Responsible for the 2D Project module for 1st year students in the Game Design Bachelor

- Teaching the 1st and 2nd years about Agile, Scrum, Production Phases, Team Dynamics, Communication, Playtesting, Bug tracking, Pitching, Documentation in 4hours sessions

- Following and grading their trimester 2D projects

Kristiania University College / Westerdals, Oslo

June 2019 - 10 months


Land & Sea Ltd, Remote, UK

Working on an unannounced title

- Implementing tools and sprints, creating routines, setting priorities and milestones

- Planning, scheduling and monitoring sprints, tasks and workload for short and long term

- HR : Headhunting, well-being, conflict mediation, team building, event organization

- Managing team's external work on previous IP - merch, QA, porting and release

- Assisting on business development, funding, scoping and budgeting

July 2018 - 10 months

Producer / Project Manager

Krillbite Studio, Oslo, Norway

Working on "Mosaic" -Released in 2019-

- Managing and scheduling team workload for each member of the team (13)

- Communicating with publisher to plan production according to set milestones

- Leading daily scrum and meetings for art, programming, design, production etc...

- Monitoring weekly testing sessions, logging bugs and missing content

- Following team members' well-being, improving workplace, habits and workflows

April 2017 - 6 months

Assistant Producer Inter


Working on "Twin Mirror"

- Keeping both Jira's and physical Scrum boards updated, keeping track of everyone's (43) tasks status and creating job-specific Kanban boards and pipelines

- Constructing job-specific pipelines to evaluate durations, documented on the project's wiki (Confluence) along with all of the game's informations updated daily

- Reporting on all meetings and communicating action points and summaries

2015 - 2017

Games & Interactive Media Master

CNAM-ENJMIN, Angoulême, France

- Major in Project Management / Agile / Scrum Kanban / Team Planning / Meeting coordination

- Leading a team of 15 on an VR online multiplayer game project for 4 months / Building a business plan

2013 - 2015

Game Design Bachelor

ICAN, Paris, France

- Major in Programming (Unity / C#)

- Game Design / Level Design / Rational GD-LD / Narrative Design / Bottom-Up / Top-Down

- User Experience - 2D & 3D Design - Sound Design

2012 - 2013

Game Design & Programming Bachelor

ISART Digital, Paris, France

- Web Development : HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript

- Unity Engine : Integration / C# programming

- Game Design basics


Baccalauréat Scientifique

Lycée Marie Curie, Sceaux, France

- Major in Physics & Chemistry

Other Services

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PR Manager

Hire me to represent your game or studio at a festival or conference!
I can plan and hold meetings with Publishers, Investors or potential employees.

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Lecturer / Talker

I have workshops, talks and lectures about various subjects linked to production, communication and personality, ask me about them :)

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Hapiness Consultant

I have experience optimizing office space for a better working environment as a paid mission.
I also do HR consultancy and 1on1s for hapiness and well-being.

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