Hi. My name's Marie, and I'm a project manager and composer from Paris. I'm 22 and I love longboarding, humming in the street, and playing some new games.

About Me (girl the pink dress)
Video games are to me the perfect asociation between technology and arts which led me to enroll in a bachelor degree in Game Design in ICAN - Paris as a start for my career.
During these three years I practiced every aspect of video game making, from game design, writing, 2D and 3D art, user experience, sound design and marketing to programming (which was my major at the time).
Suddenly, I was able to make small games all by myself.

When I wasn't at school, I attended many conferences and masterclasses in Paris, met countless interesting professionals and students during meetups and parties, took part in numerous game jams and hackathons and I noticed a few things :
- I love meeting people and most of all : TEAMWORK
- I love programming but it seemingly wasn't what I was made for
- I love composing music during game jams and school projects and other people seemed to love what I made

That's why I decided to apply to continue my studies in a master's degree at CNAM-ENJMIN in Project Management or Sound Design. I got accepted in both, but I chose Project Management. It was the best way for me to keep an eye on all those fields that I like, but also to use my social, leadership and organizational skills at the same time.
Work Experience and personality

GLaSS Intern
CRI's Gamelab 3 months

Les trucs que j'ai fait au GLaSS racontés ici

Official Global Game Jam Organizer
Global Game Jam 2 months

Les trucs que j'ai fait à la global game jam racontés ici

Sound Designer/Game Designer Intern
Upon A Map 3 Months

Les Trucs que j'ai fait à Upon A Map

Web Integrator/Designer Intern
Itelios 4 Months

Les trucs que j'ai fait chez Itelios

Get to know me
Ever since I first took a MBTI test I've been really interested in the 16 personality types that Myers-Briggs based their study on.

I identify completely with my ENFP type and it has helped me to improve my weaknesses and develop my strenghts in my everyday life as well as professionally.

My Skills
I've always been interested in way too many things (although I'm not sure that's really possible).
I'm very lucky to have been growing up in a envrironment that pushed me towards arts and culture as much as science and technology.
Learning new things has always been very important to me and the most difficult part was choosing among them.

I'm convinced versatility can be a huge asset for a project manager.
It's always a good thing to be able to understand the stakes and the challenges of a task and also to know how much time it would take to achieve it.
Being able to chat with any member of the team and understanding their jobs can only improve production.

Project Management
Music / Sound Design
Game Design
Graphic Design

web developement - HTML/CSS/JS
Game development - Unity C#
Music & Sound Edition - Logic Pro / Audition
2D Design - Photoshop / Illustrator
3D Design - Maya / 3DSMAX
"For it's first edition [the 2015 Global Game Jam] with almost a hundred participants was a great sucess, and a call for others, which credit goes essentially to Marie. She's demonstrated throughout the project all the capacities expected from a project manager in terms of rigour, anticipation, organization, leadership and communication."

Emmanuel Peter, Director of ICAN, ESGI and IIM schools in Paris
My Portfolio
Under construction :) For projects and other work, contact me or see on LinkedIn !